We understand well that when you decide to pay more for air shipments, you want the cargo to be delivered to the receivers’ premises as soon as possible. Generally, as per customs clearance procedures, all steps are to be followed to clear the cargo out of the airport customs controlled area.

The Customs and Excise Department, TBS, TFDA, GCLA, and other agencies are always there to follow laid down procedures while we all know that once you load the cargo on board a plane, it arrives before you send the packing list and invoice to us. While other freight agencies will keep processing documents with the government authorities, your brokendown machines and your related processes will be at a standstill.

We know it well and it is the beauty of air freight clearance. What we do will make you surprised that we do not wait for the normal clearance procedure. We execute a bond agreement or we pay a hard cash bond to the authorities and we take the delivery as soon as it is discharged out of the aircraft. We submit necessary documents to authorities in later days, while you continue with your projects. This is our line of business how we handle clearance.